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May- June crossover news
239 Duke Road
Columbia, La. 71418
Phone 318 649 7720 
Hello to all of you, our friends and co-workers in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ!  We are pressing on in spite of some difficult circumstances that have come our way this summer!  God has been good to us, and we continue to trust in Him.  I pray that you are also remaining faithful!
(In partnership with Richland Baptist Encampment near Alto, Louisiana just off Hwy 15 near the Beouf River bridge.)
          Our burden for these children will be expressed through teaching around the camp theme—“All things work together for them that love God.”  Our lessons will focus on the greatness of God, even when we suffer due to the foolishness of men.  We will tell how God prevails:
(1)  When you are hurt by your family—Joseph:  God kept Joseph’s heart, gave him power, and used him to save his family and his nation.
(2)  When you are let down by your nation—Daniel:  He lived for God, inspired others, taught people the ways of God, and recorded God’s Word.
(3)  When you are let down by your ministers—Jonah:  Disobedience of one affects all.  Jonah chose not to speak, but God turned him around and used him to bring revival.
(4)  When you have sorrow because of death—Ruth; Esther:  Ruth lost her husband, but found his God, and became a grandmother of Jesus (salvation emphasis on Ruth’s choice of God).  Esther lost her parents, but became a queen, and saved her people.
(5)  When you are not believed, and rejected by all—Jesus:  Life, suffering, resurrection, victory of Jesus Christ.
          We are getting excited!  Only a couple of weeks, and our first summer camp will begin with little boys 1st to 6th grade—July 9th – 12th.  We have a team of workers coming all the way from North Carolina for the boy’s camp, and they are getting ready!  They will be serving in every place...helping with Bible Studies, preaching, singing, sports, dorm parenting, crafts, and more.  We have worked in Mexico a few years ago with some who serve in this church, and we are excited to work with them again this summer!
          The second camp starting on July 16th, we have some wonderful workers—two of them young ladies who worked with us in summer camps in Ukraine.  It will finish July 19th.  We haven’t quite filled this camp with little girls, so let us know if you have a little girl 1st to 6th grade who wants to sign up.
          The last camp will start on July 23rd, and will be boys and girls ages 3rd to 8th grade.  We have a full camp, and are looking forward to another year of Bible Studies, Worship, Mission Focus, and Fun!!! 
          We will have plenty of fun activities.  Jamie Coulter will be our guest speaker on Tuesday nights of each camp week, and we invite parents and friends to attend.  Jamie suffered much in his childhood due to a disease that caused hundreds of broken bones, and he had many operations.  He is less than three feet tall, but God has made a mighty man of him.  His testimony will be one to remember.  Bring your own chair as evening services will be outside.
We still have room for workers in the last two camps, so if anyone would like to sign up to work, please let us know now and we will plug you in where we need you.
Camps are first-come/first-serve, so the earlier you register, the more likely you will get a spot.
Boy’s camp:  1st-6th grade – July 9-12 (9:00 am arrival on Monday & Departure – 5:00 pm Thursday).   (At printing, we still have room for a few more boys.)
Girls camp:  1st-6th grade – July 16- 19 (9:00 am arrival on Monday & Departure – 5:00 pm Thursday).  Pre-registration is required, and we request a donation of $100 per child. (At printing, we still have room for about ten more girls.)
Older boys and girls camp: July 23-26 – boys and girls from 3rd - 8th grade     (9 am arrival on Monday & Departure – 5:00 pm Thursday.  FILLED
          Please contact us for registration and volunteer forms.  Early registration is recommended.  No child will be turned away for lack of money, but we ask that you do what you can to help with expenses.  Sponsors of children who cannot pay are appreciated.
“Some people raise children!  Other people age them like cheese—they grow up to be stinkers.” – Bubba Tucker
            Children are to be invested in—investing means caring for—you will reap what you sow.  Invest your life in a child and you will be rewarded.  “Children can go no farther than they are carried”—they must be helped; encouraged; you must bring them and show them what they need to know.  Boys today will be men tomorrow.  Children are less personal today due in part, I think, to aging them rather than raising them.  We buy things to keep them busy rather than spending time with them.  Relationships are becoming a romantic thought from the past.  We see, meet, and talk with people when we have a purpose or agenda only.  There is little time for casual talk that will lead to trust and friendship.
            Our churches fare little better.  There are so few who are eager to work with children, and those who do, often see it as a duty rather than as a privilege.  What is surprising is that many are ready to build gyms--playgrounds that are supposed to attract young people.  Things are seldom solutions.  They are tools to use to spend time with them and build relationships.  It doesn’t take much more than time and interest to develop a relationship.  I know that kids more often congregate in an empty parking lot rather than in the shrines we build for them.  They are usually just talking.  I think they are not as interested in things as much as they are fellowship.  Some might think they are only gathering in empty places for mischief, but with a closer look, you might be surprised.  They are just sitting there enjoying one another with no mischief.  Billy Graham once said that whenever he preached on loneliness, the people were most attentive.
            Jesus never built a building, but he was a popular minister with people of all ages.  As far as I know, in the New Testament, there is no record of believers ever being instructed to build.  We need people to be involved.  Videos, web casts, pod casts—they can never take your place, or the place of any others.  Jesus said to go!  Anything less than being there is a compromise.  Even if you can cast or multiply yourself cheaper than going, it is not God’s way.  Not even a phone call can substitute for going.  Going personally speaks differently than sending a message.
            After much praying, planning, and preparation, Shane and five others left for Central Asia to fulfill a commitment to carry out and teach in the second annual Youth Congress.  Crossover Ministries sponsored and held the first one in May 2011 and it was a wonderful success with 225 young people who attended and learned the Word of God in an area where there was terrible Christian persecution only a few years ago.  During the Congress, there was a Memorial Service held for families and friends of those Christians who had lost their lives from 2008 – 2011.  Two of the six team members who headed there for the 2nd annual 2012 Youth Congress had never visited before, and all of the others had been a part of the 1st Congress in 2011.  One of the two who had never been there before arrived ahead of the others and was waiting for the others to arrive.  Upon arrival, the other new team member was allowed entrance as well.
Continued…In the words of Shane:
            Four of us were very disappointed in early May when we were refused entrance into the country where we were holding our Youth Congress.  Without any questions or explanation, we were placed on the same plane we arrived on for return to the US.  We were given little information and no reasons why, but two of our team members were allowed to go on and hold the Congress as planned.  It was difficult for them physically and spiritually, but God gave strength and revealed Himself as strong…no matter how weak we are!  Our absence also gave place for national leadership to rise up and serve.  The Lord enabled them through the Holy Spirit, and they were able to adequately share the Word of God with 200 eager older high school and college age students.  By all reports, the Congress was a great success, and although Satan hindered us, he did not defeat us.
            This hindrance was hard for me and the other members of our team who were sent back.  We went through the shock, the questioning, the reasoning.  We have tried through proper channels to find out the reason for our return, and we have been offered no answer.  No reason has been given, and so far no records have been revealed of any complaint against us.  In coming weeks, we hope to find out what happened.  I found comfort reading of Paul’s ordeal in 1 Thessalonians 2 & 3.  Like Paul, we are seeking a way back in order to return and share the fellowship and the Word of God with the brethren there.  A missionary’s ultimate goal is to work himself out of a job, and to leave with a relationship.  You know whenever you go that there will be a time to leave, but I don’t want to leave before I feel the work is finished.  May God give grace to us to persevere and strength to go on.
            I have had few setbacks in preaching the gospel.  Few times was I ever affected by sickness or by problems of any kind.  Then…when we returned home, I received a phone call that a revival and two Sunday morning schedules had been cancelled.  I am kinda like the American Indians—when something happens, I am wondering what it means—was it a sign or just coincidental?  Is God trying to tell me something?  We have a busy schedule through July, but time on the calendar after that, since other plans were cancelled with our setback in Asia.  I want to take time to be still, to stand before the Lord in silence, listening for His voice.  I want to be the center of His will, not only asking Him to bless me, but I want to bless Him.  I want to be about His business.  I ask you to pray for us!
            Bro. Moses is continuing to follow up in villages around the area, and now he reports that the people are asking for Bibles.  We will be sending the finances for him to buy a supply of Bibles that he can take on his follow-up journeys, and we would like to possibly take more teaching aids in the future.  If you are interested in helping with this effort, you may send your gift to Crossover Ministries, 239 Duke Road, Columbia, La. 71418 made to Crossover Ministries, but with a note that it is to be used for Bibles and Teaching Materials for Central Asia.  We will send the offerings soon, and possibly will be returning there in the fall.
Small part of a recent letter from Moses to Shane—“Our one year teaching, your presence, continues encouragement and my constant touch and continues financial provision has effect their life and ministries of our workers. They are confidently and with more freely now a days they working in field and Church. I have seen the development in the area of their personal life, family life, teaching, preaching. Their lives changing process has affect the believers. I never have seen all inclusive change in our workers and believers before. A paradigm shift.”
            In areas of the country, Christians are again being persecuted and killed, some having to flee from their homes and some never able to return for the simple reason that they are preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please remember to pray for the persecuted Believers around the world.
It was our privilege to spend a week in El Salvador with Marty Melancon of La Vista Ministries.  We were visiting primarily with youth involved in the San Andres Foundation, which is providing several services to people of all ages and backgrounds in El Salvador.  We spent time interacting and teaching Bible stories to youth, allowing the youth to interpret and practice their English skills.  I left the story cards I was using with some youth who are able to teach the stories to others.  We met some very fine youth, some of whom I believe will be influential people of various types one day.  I hope that our influence was an encouragement to them and that they will stand in the gaps and make up the hedge where so many young people are going astray.  We also saw other outreaches of the foundation, from working with handicapped children to helping poor farming communities, and even outreach to gangs.
          I hope to go back again this fall to work further with the youth.  It is our desire to hold special Bible courses in which they can earn certificates of accomplishment in various subjects.  One day maybe we can hold a Youth Camp there.  As Jesus said, “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.”
            The church continues to grow and learn under the leadership of several Ukrainians who have been willing to share of their gifts.  They have had opportunity to do some types of benevolent work as there is one crippled couple who attends, riding the bus from a far-away village.  The lady was expecting a baby, but their home was not in conditions for an approaching child.  Several of the church traveled a few times to do some work there, beginning from the time that we were there in December 2011 when Shane went with a group of them to see the situation.  They report that she has had her baby.  After some miscalculations over when the baby was actually due, she had to be rushed in for a C-section.  We are told that she and the baby are doing okay, but their home life continues to be tough.  Please pray for this couple and for the church pertaining to decisions they are making concerning their situation.
      Several from the church are helping in summer camps with Bro. Forrest Ferdon, a missionary friend of ours we worked with when we lived there.  He works in an orphanage about an hour away, and these kids attend the camp, which is in progress now.  Later in the summer, some of them will be working in the camps that Anton has planned for the Belerechinka orphanage.  He was not able to establish plans at Camp Friendship due to some existing and changing situations.  Also, some of the group has planned another youth camp at the summer home where we had camp last year.  We are standing back and allowing them to be led of the Spirit of God…praying for them as parents who are watch their kids grow up and make their way in life.  God is doing a great work in each of their lives, and we are so proud of each of them as He is molding and making these young disciples into the men and women of God that He will have them to be.  Some of them are spread as far as China, and still others are living right here in the United States and continuing to grow and mature in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.  Please keep them in your prayers.
      Pray for Anya Rujevich!  She is a young lady we met the very first year we went to Ukraine, and one we grew to love very much!  Anya is a faithful girl, and some have called her “the gentle giant of the faith” because she has a very quiet spirit, but firm resolve to stay with the Lord.  She will be attending an in-depth Bible study in the US this year.
I have heard people refer to gentleness as kindness.  Kindness is a virtue that far exceeds any other, and expands into the lives of all of those who live around us.  I was so amazed when we went to Ukraine that first year, and had to go out shopping.  We were met with ugly stares, disgusted looks of disdain and impatience, rude behavior, and even outright hatefulness.  At first I was thinking that it was because we were foreigners in a land that didn't belong to us.  Because I was so intimidated, I did not see how even other Ukrainians were experiencing the exact same treatment at almost any business in Ukraine.  I did not want to shop in Ukraine at all, so I saved my shopping trips for our return trips to the United States.  We almost felt as if we should apologize any time we walked into a store to purchase what was for sale.  I'm not really sure how that cultural influence started so that normal people became so rude when given the
position of selling merchandise behind a counter, but I have noticed that gradually it is becoming more common to meet kind and generous clerks in Ukraine.  Not always, but much more often than before.  It is amazing how much more relaxed you begin to feel when you discover that you are going to be treated with generosity and respect once you see that the clerk has chosen to show kindness. a fruit of God's Spirit, just as with love, or any other of God's characteristics, when it is truly a God-sized miracle is when you can be kind even to those who are not so kind.  It happens when we love, pray for, and bless those who despitefully use us and persecute us, and when God gives us the ability to forgive in spite of our own offense and pain.
            Gentleness is a fruit that always reminds me of my mother.  I know she isn't perfect, but in my heart, in spite of anything I might think is backwards or different about her, she is the exact replica of a gentle spirit, and that makes her very easy to love.  My son has said more than one time that he doesn't believe he's ever found any other women who are anything like his Mamaw Mackey and his Grandma Lowe, my mom's mom.  They are very much alike, and both of them are so gentle in their mannerisms and ways.  I have found that it is sad that women throughout America are actually losing the natural gentleness that was once a characteristic of most women.  We have demanded rights and determined to win our freedom so much so that we are becoming more and more like brute beasts that put their heads down and push their way to whatever they desire to have.  This means women who use themselves in any way to get whatever it is they want without consideration of others...aggression can also be disguised in the form of passive pouting or persuasion.  Yes!  When a woman submits, she is also making herself vulnerable to be hurt, and sometimes when she pouts, it is because she is truly hurt, but other times, it is in the form of rebellion.  I am sad to say that I am talking even about myself at certain times throughout my life.  We have been raised up to defend ourselves and our rights, and in the process, we have sometimes lost the gentleness that naturally happens in a person who depends solely on another to be protected and defended.  Although men have been known to be brute beasts themselves, and women have suffered greatly at the hands of prideful and arrogant men, God ordained that men be caretakers of women.  When a man is walking in the Spirit, it is a blessing to be loved by a Godly husband who would live his life in care for his wife and family, and would also literally lay down his life for their protection.  On the opposite extreme, when a man is walking in the flesh, that proud spirit can be hard and hurtful to those he is supposed to be taking care of.  Gentleness should be found in the life of every Christian as he or she walks according to scriptural teaching of following in our Lord's footsteps.  David said in Psalm 18:35, “Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation: and thy right hand hath holden me up, and thy gentleness hath made me great.”  (KJV)  It is only through the help and hope of God that we can be humble, gentlemen before Him and that God will honor us with His salvation and protection and make us great.  God, help us to be gentle.
          This is the first summer we are spending in the US in over seven years.  We are presently available to help with supply preaching, mission reports, and ministry for the summer.  We are considering international plans for very late summer, but until then, we would be glad to help you.
      Marilyn and I plan to spend a couple of weeks away in August, seeking the Lord's will for our lives.  There have been many recent changes in our lives, including placing my father in the Veterans home.  There are circumstances that make us feel we need to take time to get away to seek the Lord.  Please pray for us!  --Shane 
                                                                                                            KEEP PRESSING ON!
                                                                                                            Shane and Marilyn Duke
                                                                                                            Crossover Ministries Associates
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