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Hello to all! The last two months have been different, with some good
things happening and some disappointing. We were really disappointed to
find that we had lost our place of worship in the city, and the news came
so fast that we didn't even get to have a good-bye service in that place.
Alec got busy searching for a new place, and in only a day or two, he had
found another Chinese restaurant in a hotel not far from where we'd been
meeting already. This place is a little bit nicer, but not quite as big
as the first place. The people are really nice, and we've had some good
services there for the last few Sundays, but one man came from the hotel
room this last Sunday and was very sarcastic, speaking English, about
wanting something to eat, and whether there were any empty tables. It
seemed he might have been making a point that he didn't like for us to be
taking over the place for our purpose on Sundays. We thought we might get
put out of that place if he complained to the hotel manager, although the
restaurant is privately owned. So far, we haven't heard any bad news
about it. We've had very good attendance most Sundays...tables are full
of people, and a very sweet spirit.

The village church attendance has really picked up this winter, and we've
also had a sweet spirit there as well. They had a graduation party last
Saturday night, so we were warned that not many would come. They were
right, but we were surprised with the sudden appearance of the little
boys who live in the orphanage just outside our village. We took them to
another room for a little Sunday school lesson with them, and hope
they'll be coming back each Sunday. Trevor, the boy who works with us
here, and serves in the orphanages with us, had decided to come from the
city and bring the little ones to church. He taught the boys a lesson.
Vitalic, our long-time musician and interpreter that we've asked you to
pray for many times, is doing very, very well right now, and he played
and sang with the kids. Vitalic has been faithful and enjoyable for many
weeks now, and has truly become a blessing to all. Please continue to
pray for these boys as they serve with us in the villages and the city.
Alec has been bringing his group to our village church each Sunday, and
now he and Shane are trying to work with another existing church in a
small village close by the first place where he was starting the church.
This little group are strict Baptist, so they set their rules about music
and hair-covering right from the start, but they seem like a sweet group.
Shane goes each Thursday to the city to meet and teach his core group of
believers in a deeper study, and then he and Trevor visit the home of a
lady who has six little ones to teach them and pray with them, and then
they go to this Baptist church to try to gather a group there. Shane and
the group have visited the village, and we are still praying that God
will move on the hearts of people to come.

We still meet each Tuesday evening, and Shane teaches a Bible study with
his core group along with several others who like to attend. I am
teaching an interpreter's English class to prepare them for camps, mainly
letting them know what to expect, what their duties will be, checking
their skills, and giving them some practice. I believe we'll be having a
good group of workers again this year, and we ask that you pray for these
young people as God has moved on many of the hearts of these young
interpreters in the past. They are exposed more to the gospel than any
other group, just through the job of interpreting for the Bible teachers.

We are beginning to plan for camps, so if anyone wants to come over to
help, and God leads, we definitely need workers. The first camp will be
captained by a Servant Life team, and most plans are being done through
their ministry, so if you want to come to this camp, it might be easiest
to contact their ministry for planning. In fact, it would be the easiest
way to plan because they do all preparations for travel and expenses for
you, and the only thing you would need to do is pay the fee, get in on
their planning meetings, and then come to work. That camp will be June
13-27. The second camp is sponsored by
North Monroe Baptist Church, and
it would be good to contact their group leader, David McCormick, at the
church office to make plans to be a part of their group. They are already
having planning meetings, so now is the time to contact them. That camp
date will be July 4-18. The last kid's camp (July 25-Aug. 8) has a very
small team so far. Actually, only one person has committed to serve so
far, so if you'd like to come and help with this camp, we will try to
help you make plans, and guide you in the process. Then, the youth camp
will begin the day after the last kid's camp on August 9th, and will last
for five days. It is sponsored by Bro. Jay Morgan, past pastor of
Baptist Church. If you'd like to serve in this camp, he is already making
plans, and now is the time. If you email us, we will put you in contact
with any of these team leaders.

We are thankful for the support and provision God is giving for the camps
this year, and we offer a welcome to all God is leading to come over and
work with us! If you want to come during winter months and work, we will
find you a warm place for you to sleep, and also keep you fed as much as

CAMP ONE: June 13 - 27 (Led by Servant Life from Alabama)
CAMP TWO: July 4 - 18 (Led by North Monroe Baptist Church)
CAMP THREE: July 25 - August 8
YOUTH CAMP: August 9 - 15 (Led by Bro. Jay Morgan from Louisiana)
FALL ORPHAN CAMP: Will be set most likely for some time at the end of
October, depending on the time of the school vacations. (Will be directed
by Servant Life/Hope for Orphans of the World)

If you email us at the address at the top of this newsletter, we can give
you information you will need, or we will put you in contact with team
captains for the camp you desire to serve in.
We ask that anyone who is willing to sponsor children to attend the camps
to do so early. The cost is approximately $150 per child for each camp,
and all of them are allowed to come for free.
Caleb and Marilyn will be coming home at the end of March and Shane at
the end of April for Mary's graduation. Caleb will be staying in
this time, and plans to start back to school at
Caldwell in the fall. As
most of you have already heard, Mary is now engaged to be married to
Dylan McGuffee sometime at the end of the year. Wow! They grow up
fast...way too fast! Please keep our kids and family in your prayers,

Dear Friends,
We thank you so much for your continued help and support to us. This
winter has been a long, difficult time for almost everybody I know no
matter where they are serving in this world.
Our team here in Lugansk has experienced a higher level of depression
than before, but by God's grace we are overcoming. Our hearts are grieved
by the lack of spiritual hunger. Our people are starving, but they are
not hungry for the word of God, but in spite of this, we are having good
church services. We are praying for a revival, a spiritual awakening,
that God might send this way, and we have seen little signs of hope, as
Elisha saw as he prayed to restore the life to the dead boy in II Kings
The economy here is terrible and the trickle effect is hitting hard. It
is sad the water company in Luganks shut down for a few days due to debt
on it's electric bill--sounds strange, but lots of peculiar things happen
I don't know whether to call myself a missionary or a pastor as I seem to
have a heart for both. When we first came here, I was fixed on church
planting, but it seems the fruit we are producing is a much missionary in
nature as it is pastoral. Of our prophet school boys, it seems three of
them have the heart of a missionary pastor and one of these, the least
one you would expect, has the heart of a pastor. I don't want to "press"
their paths, but as the apostle Paul said in I Corinthians 7, "I think" I
have the Spirit to know their strengths, and it encourages my heart to
see God shaping them so. I suppose I should expect such as the tree bears
fruit in its likeness.

Alec, our Chinese partner feels that God is calling him back to China
after twelve years in
Ukraine. He wants to attend seminary there, and
give his life in ministry there. There are a few obstacles in his way,
the first being that his wife Natasha doesn't feel the same "calling"
that he feels, and he has an eight year old daughter who will be caught
in the transition. Those of you who have made any move in life know how
altering just a simple change of place can be. Just imagine if you were
jerked away suddenly to a foreign land full of strange faces, difficult
languages, and curious customs with your former friends and family 7000
miles away. It ain't easy following God! There are reasons Jesus warned
us to count the cost--it will cost you something to follow Him, but it
will cost you more if you don't. I hope you will pray for Alec and his
family in this. I had long felt we would one day serve in
China as
missionaries. That feeling is diminishing now, but Alec may be a
fulfillment of that feeling I had.

Yura is desiring to attend a new extension of the Donesk Baptist Seminary
now meeting on certain Saturdays in Lugansk. Yura is smart and has been a
blessing to us. He is most refeshing, and is one of those type people
whose presence brings joy and brightness to a place. We have had the joy
of helping him transition through youth , from boy to man, and I am
curious to see how far we will go with him yet.

Vitalic continues to grow in grace and knowledge. At the age of
twenty-four, he seems to be just entering the wisdom stage, and seems to
be learning from every step of life. Vitalic is the type of person you
can be ready to kill one minute, but after your judgment, you find it
impossible to carry out the execution. He is the cat with nine lives. I
have never seen a man who could pull so many stunts and still get by with
it. It is truly a picture of God's grace to see how he grows in favor
with God and man in spite of his failings. I think of him when I think of
Jesus' words to Peter "when thou are converted, strengthen the brethren".
I think I know exactly where Vitalic is headed, and he will deserve it
when he gets there. He is the boy who was a headache to his father in the
morning, but a joy by the evening (Matthew

Our young men are growing up, and will soon be going away, serving in
their places. This is my first batch to experience "going away," and it
is happening simultaneous with our children leaving our home. I can
hardly stand it. Mary, our daughter, is getting married later this year.
Caleb is going to live with his grandparents in the
US to finish school
there. Anton wants to get married this summer. Alec is soon planning to
move to
China. Yura is "growing" away to seminary. Trevor is praying for
a wife. Marilyn wants to go back home because she is missing our kids,
and she is already worried about missing seeing her grandkids growing up.
On top of all this, I am feeling old, getting fat, my hair is grey and
falling out, and my teeth are bad. Maybe that is why I'm feeling

Well at least we still have Trevor, Vitalic, and Annya of the prophet
school bunch. We hope Yeagor is moving back from
China. Maybe Yura will
stay with us a while longer. I would like to make time stand still, hang
on to our kids longer, and keep these guys entrusted to us as long as we
can, but I know that's not God's way. We have to let them go, help them
get started and on their way, supporting them from behind as they take
their position in life.

Anton still thinks he is Donald Trump, but I think he will be a preacher
some day. He plans on marrying his sweetheart this summer.
We have gotten word from home of some special giving to help this year
with the camps. We thank God for all so much, and are so amazed at how
God provides. We have been planning as if everything is sound when
actually, we were more than 30% behind in the finances needed to
accomplish the first three camps. We are still waiting for God to send
the teams, but we know He will give us who/what we need in due time.
Thank you all for giving to the Lord.

The thugs are out in full force, and it's like watching a pageant of
stupidity at its highest. Almost no work this time of year due to the
economy and to the natural process of loss of winter jobs. One of our
village pests broke into the house of a 79-year-old man the other night,
choked him and twisted his arm to steal about $12 from him. We have
talked to this boy several times over the past four years. I have seen
him cry, apologize, lie, beg, ask forgiveness, and then go and do
something stupid again. Maybe he will come to know the help of the Lord
through prison bars (Psalms 107).

Sadly, we were told that 1000 prisoners were loosed due to the lack of
prison funds--of course, these were only mild offenders, but now they are
back out fending for themselves and plundering the people.
We heard of one robbery involving an older couple not far from here where
the "beasts" beat the old man and tortured the grandmother with a clothes
iron. I know these crimes are not isolated to this part of the world, but
you still have to wonder "Lord Jesus, how long?"

We attended the Baptist Pastor's conference in February, and someone had
done a Spiritual health survey of the existing churches. We only have a
few Baptist churches, and we all have low attendance, in a city of over
450,000. I don't think they counted our missions because none of our
groups are considered churches. But...the ministry most lacking was
children and youth. Most groups have no Sunday school or youth outreach
for one or two reasons. There are few children/youth in the church and
they don't have a place or people to teach them. That is one of the
reasons the camps are so important. The children attending our camps will
get more church in the fifteen days of camp than the average church-going
child will get in one year of church. Sadly, for most of the children who
attend the camps, that will be the only church they will get that year.
Thank you for helping to keep this ministry effective.
Sometimes I question whether the camps are worth the expense and
effort--they are physically draining and can almost hit equally as hard
spiritually. Although we never intended to head up that end of ministry,
it is definitely our strongest outreach for children, youth, their
families, and their community circle.

Our Mary graduates from Caldwell Parish High School on May 15, 2009. We
are planning on being there to cheer her across the line. She has had a
challenging row in life, but she has taken it in stride. We are proud of
She is also engaged to be married late this year, to Dylan McGuffee, a
lad we have known and loved since his childhood. He comes from a good
family, and I expect good things from him, but in spite of that, I have
tried to reinforce the principle that God is watching him even when I am
not around! Really, we are happy for both of them. Mary plans to attend
nursing school this fall at

Caleb plans to finish high school at Caldwell Parish High School and live
with his grandparents. Our parents have been good to us, so we have
blessed them with letting them raise their grandkids for a year or two of
the tougher years of their lives. Teenagers are good for
grandparents--helps keep them young at heart.

We plan to start trying to come home three trips a year now that our kids
are in the
US, especially at this stage in life. We may have to come home
more if the kids are bad, and as I said, Marilyn plans to be there when
there when it's time for her grandkids. God's will be done! I'm usually
not sure where I belong anymore? Maybe I'm going through mid-life crisis.
I am considering starting to travel a little more as I expect Alec will
need help and encouragement in
China. My heart feels for our friends in
India, and I am burdened by the suffering they are experiencing there. My
spirit longs to see and encourage those of our previous mission trips.
Spiritual encounters and the people you meet on mission trips never go
Just a brief testimony of the providence of the Holy Spirit: One day,
during bad weather, we had been invited, and planned to go on a trip with
a group of friends to a distant orphanage. I had been excited about the
trip for several days, but that morning I had the "blahs" and didn't want
to go. Nevertheless, we bundled up, got loaded and set to go anyway. I
had a real bad feeling about the trip, and after a few miles up the road,
I stopped, debated again, "Why am I going feeling this way?". I know I
was being warned in the spirit. We turned around and came back home, and
later found out that the group we were supposed to meet and follow to the
orphanage were hit from behind during a stop on the icy roads. No one was
seriously hurt, and there was less than $1,000 in damages to the van, but
if we had followed, we might have been the one to get hit in the rear,
and the outcome could have been totally different. It's good to listen to
the Lord.
The second event was just last week. I had an old friend, Joe Cockrell,
on my heart. I thought I was just missing him. Lately I've had the blues
for my friends back home. I prayed often for him, and even sent him a
card in the mail. Then I learned that he had a heart attack, and had
stints put in last week during the time I was feeling this burden.
Amazing! "Is anything too hard for the Lord?"
Love you all! Come see us!
Keep pressing on!
Bro. Shane
"Judge me, O God, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation: O deliver
me from the deceitful and unjust man. For thou art the God of my
strength: why dost thou cast me off? Why go I mourning because of the
oppression of the enemy? O send out thy light and thy truth: let them
lead me; let them bring me unto thy holy hill, and to thy tabernacles.
Then will I go unto the altar of God, unto God my exceeding joy: yea,
upon the harp will I praise thee, O God my God. Why art thou cast down, O
my soul? And why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God: for I shall
yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God. Psalm 43

May God richly bless you all!
Shane, Marilyn, Mary, and Caleb
Crossover Ministries

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