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2011 - January-February PDF Print E-mail
239 Duke Road
Columbia, La. 71418
(318) 649-7720
January - February 2011

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Since we last wrote, we have made some adjustments to our newsletter. We are working in some places that are sensitive, and require that we use more generalization in our reporting, so we will try to edit what we post on the web in such a way that it will not be so convenient for someone half way around the world to know where our associates, or where we are, and what we are doing. Some of our people are at risk, and their situations can easily be affected by what can be read on the web. Things whispered in the closet can easily circle the world on facebook, sometimes hours before you ever know they are there, and websites declare all things complete with names, pictures, and contact info. As Americans, we are generally used to peace and security, especially here at home, but there are events in place that could rapidly change our way of life exposing us to hardships that millions around the world endure daily.

Through January, we have driven nearly 4000 ministry-purposed miles. While we have had planning meetings for upcoming trips and events, much of our travel was related to efforts to strengthen and encourage the local churches and individuals here in the US. Sometimes it is easier to talk to someone who comes from far away about problems, whether personal or corporate, than to talk with someone locally. There are times when folks just need a sounding board that is unaffected by immediate circumstances, and there are other times when they need a scapegoat who will listen and then just carry their offenses away before they hurt someone. There are also many friends, especially pastors, and sometimes even churches, who are in situations where they need a neutral person to talk to. Sometimes pastors are those without pastors, or who have the least church support, especially when they are older or between churches. We have tried to help where we can, and we hope our advice has been good and our involvement encouraging.
We have a planned youth retreat in April for teens ages 12-18 at Seeker Springs encampment near Eros, Louisiana, and are in the process of preparation for it. We are asking for a $50 donation per student attending, but we will help anyone come, even for free, if they want to come and cannot pay. The fee includes all meals and snacks. We plan to have a good time with special guests, and will have activities including worship, bible study, talent and comedy, and sports and games. We recommend that you register by early March to ensure a place, so contact us as soon as possible. You can e-mail us or call us at 318 649 7720 for registration forms. All forms must be signed by parents or guardians for liability purposes.
APRIL 15 - 17
1280 Okaloosa Rd just off Hwy 34 S near Eros La

Arrive at the Seeker Springs Encampment Friday at 6 pm
You will need to bring a towel, sleeping bag or bedding, toiletries, & a Bible
Cost $50 per person; includes meals, snacks, and drinks
All participants must fill out a registration form returned with camp fee by April 1- early registration ensures a place
For information call or write Shane or Marilyn Duke at 318 649 7720 or e-mail
239 Duke Road, Columbia La. 71418

Shane has been filling pulpits across Louisiana, and on church service days when we are free, we are trying to revisit each of our sponsoring churches so that we are able to personally give at least a short report of what is going on with us. It has been a blessing and an encouragement to visit with old friends and to meet new ones, and we hope that we have been a blessing as well. If anyone would like for us to visit their church to preach/give a personal report of what is going on with us in the ministry, contact us at our email address or call us and leave a message at (318) 649-7720. We will get back to you as soon as we are able.
This last month was a tough time for my own family. A very hard situation suddenly thrust us into a time of ministry that kept us on the go for many days. We have been saddened and stressed by this situation, but we praise God that through it all, God has been glorified. I am amazed that even in the midst of such a desperate circumstance which involved the loss of a precious child, God has been the center of focus, and He is bringing the family through it step by step and day by day. I am thankful to God and to my family that we have been allowed to be a part of ministering and helping during this time of hardship. Please keep the Lowe family in your prayers. This trial of suffering is not over yet, and I suspect it might never completely end for some. May God give grace to withstand whatever is put before us, and that He will always be glorified in all things that are done.
We were also planning to trade houses with our daughter and son-in-law and go back to our old home place this last month, but just before the move, they changed gears and decided to purchase a home down-town. Because it needs repair, it will take another month or two for them to move, so we still won't actually be in our own home for a while. It's been a blessing to be able to have a home to live in while we were visiting America during the time we lived in Ukraine and now that we are in limbo before going back to our own home. Shane's mom and dad have been keeping and allowing us to stay in their old home for the last four years, and we appreciate their offer. Although we have a small office/guest house to stay in, this house is big and spacious, so we have been able to entertain guests for meetings, fellowship, and even have already had, and will have, missionaries we know from Ukraine to stay with us here during their time in America. We have also been able to entertain our kids and their friends.
Because of the family crisis I mentioned, and also the busy times of the holidays, travel, and work that we have had throughout December and January, I have had little time to invest in the music ministry that I so desire to get going with...although I have done much preparational thought and prayer concerning it. I have been listening for God to speak concerning the direction I need to take next, and I think I just need to start gathering people into my home for the time being just to sing and fellowship, and I am praying that this will stir an interest for some to gather at the nursing home or other places to sing as a ministry. I am hoping that from this time of ministering, God will reveal each step He has for us to take in gathering a special group of believers who desire to minister through their gifts of music, and who have the same vision and purpose concerning the old hymns staying revived and stirring the interest of young people for them again, and possibly even writing new songs of faith. If you desire to be a part of the music ministry and you live close enough to participate, contact me through my email at
Shane and I were blessed with a day of outing with a close friend of the ministry and his wife who live in South Louisiana this last week. Bro. Marty has visited and worked with us in Ukraine at the youth camps in the past, and I don’t think I have ever met a more precious person or a more sincere soul winner for Christ, and his wife is just as sweet as he is. They are both excited for the Lord, and have been given a time in their life of opportunity to offer what they have for ministry to bring glory to God. They started their mission journey a few years ago during a tough time of crisis when they took a young boy into their home for a time for him to receive medical attention. From that situation, they were asked to attend his graduation in El Salvador, and after that first visit, Bro. Marty has continued in missions ever since. They have such a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord, and we felt so humbled to be given the chance to visit with them and to offer encouragement and maybe a few ideas of ministry they could do with what God has entrusted them with. We were so amazed at the beauty of the land and the place that God has entrusted to them, and we were in awe at the opportunity of ministry they have for the future. Anita is like a kid in a candy store as her mind is rolling with so many ministry ideas and things she’d like to see happen on her old home place, and she got me excited just talking about it. I ask that you all please be praying for God to guide and use this couple to bring glory to Him as they so desire for Him to do in their lives and with their beautiful place.
Marilyn and I are preparing to return to Ukraine February 16th, and to come back to America March 4th. Our plan is to spend time with church groups, leaders, and in outreach, and we hope to set plans for summer outreach as we are planning to hold a few day-camps or outdoor VBS type activities this summer. We are limited as far as housing large teams, but if you are interested as an individual in helping with this, please contact us, and we will try to make a place by early March.
The remainder of our scheduled year is busy, so by God’s grace, we pray that we are able to accomplish what he has set before us.
In February, we plan to be in the Ukraine.
In March, we are excited to have Bro. Forrest Ferdon and family visiting with us in America, and I also may take a trip into Asia.
For May, we have scheduled a Youth Camp for teens in Asia. I am so excited about this event as this will be a first in that region. This is one of the first generations of children in this region who have learned to read, and they now have a Bible in a common language. We are planning for an intense week of fellowship, worship, and discipleship. Many folks in the region where we are going have been far from God, with much idolatry and violence in the past, but we pray that the Prince of Peace will become Lord of all. We ask for you to pray that Jesus may be glorified in all, and that his purposes will be accomplished.
We plan to return to Ukraine in June to hold the VBS/day-camp/ youth activities.
For July 21-25 we are planning a kid’s camp for elementary ages, which we will probably hold at Seeker Springs. Plans are incomplete for the kid’s camp, but if you are interested, please let us know, and we will get information to you as soon as possible.
If opportunity allows, we may try for a summer youth/college age event, but we are not able to plan as of this time.
In August, I hope to return again to Asia, and then again in October or November.
While we have plenty of international involvement, we are trying to diligently help shore up things here at home. The church in America needs revival, and we hope to be a part of that.
We will try to continue to host events, especially with youth and children.
Please pray for us. We would be glad to come and speak to you or your church. Please contact us and we will make plans for a time convenient.
We felt we needed to catch you with future plans of ministry before we leave for Ukraine, but we will try to write again soon, after we return from Ukraine and after the youth conference is over. After re-reading the newsletter from last month, I have gotten excited about our return to Ukraine. We hope to have many good things to tell upon our return.
Please keep us in your prayers always!
May God bless each of you!
Keep pressing on!
Shane and Marilyn Duke
Crossover Ministries
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