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239 Duke Road

Columbia, La. 71418

(318) 649-7720


March - April 2011

Greetings to all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We are happy to report that we are doing well, and God has blessed. As most of you probably know by now, Shane and I are living in America again. We will soon be moving back to our own house, but are a little sad that Mary and Dylan have moved from our house and from our little Copenhagen community to a house in town. At least they did not move farther away as we had thought they would do in the beginning. Although we have made America our home base, we are still traveling to places around the country, and around the world, but first I would like to tell you about our most recent event here in America.


When we first began to plan, we did not realize that the only remaining open date for camp at Seeker Springs was also a time when a zillion other events were taking place as well. We sent out registration forms and waited for response. The facility only holds about 80 people altogether, and has four rooms, and about fifteen people would be adults coming to work. It was disappointing, to say the least, that in the end, only about thirty youth had signed up. When the day finally arrived, it was even more disappointing that of those 30, about eight kids did not even show up. In our minds, it was almost not worth the effort to do so much work and spend so much money toward this project for so few youth. We soon found out that God had a totally different idea in His perfect plan than what we had been planning and preparing for months for.

This group of 22 kids was unique in almost every way. Almost none of these kids were anything alike--there was a mixture of race and color, culture, class, ability, behavior, and personality. God brought a group together to teach us all what kind of God He really is! He is definitely able! We were expecting something totally different than what actually happened. These kids discussed differences openly, but gradually began to blend together to form almost a comradery. I was amazed at how each of them began to respect the other one no matter what differences they each had. I was very aware of some of the struggles in life that several of the kids from this group were going through. They needed a time of attention and love as no other time in their lives had ever been before. I felt for them, and was so afraid that their experience would turn out bad because they were so tender and sensitive to pain. Not so!!! I think this was probably the best camp/retreat experience Shane and I have ever been involved in, much less been privileged to lead.

First of all, the team of workers that were recruited was fantastic. We appreciate each and every person for the time and effort they gave to make these three days a camp experience that will hopefully always be remembered as a time of spiritual growth and shelter for a few kids who came to seek out a true experience with God.

The lessons were about the life of John Mark...a man who was the center of controversy between Paul and Barnabas as they started on a missionary journey. Paul refused to travel with him because he had been on an earlier mission trip during which he left them, and had abandoned his post. In other words, in Paul’s eyes, he had been a failure. But...Barnabas refused to leave him, insisting on giving him a second chance. Because of this controversy, Paul and Barnabas had departed to travel two separate ways on mission. Although most people know very little about John Mark, it is believed that he actually wrote the book of Mark. It is also obvious that a miracle had transformed Paul’s attitude toward John Mark somewhere along the way. Mark must have later proven himself to be trustworthy because there is even record of how Paul called for John Mark to be brought to him in prison as he made preparations to die--because Paul said he was “profitable...for ministry” (Timothy 4:11). The girls in the class I sat in on seemed very attentive to what unfolded in scripture in the life of John Mark. So much can be learned from the attitude and actions of all three of these men--Paul, John Mark, and also Barnabas, which was a nickname given to him by the apostles and was interpreted to mean “the son of consolation.” All three were on the same team, but all three were totally different! We don’t have to be alike to be workers together for the kingdom of God, but God uses each one of us individually as He works in and through us to help us to become the people of God that we are supposed to “grow up” to become!

The following are a few of the quoted statements made on survey sheets given to the kids by the Seeker Springs encampment after the retreat:

  • Rededicate life to follow Jesus

  • Commit to a full time Christian Vocation

  • I made new friends and now know more about the Lord


  • Commit to be a full time missionary

  • Commit to restore relationship with:

    • Sibling

    • Friend

  • I met a lot alot of new friends and had a awsome time.


  • Commit to restore a broken relationship with a:

    • Church member

  • They love us all and they love God

  • I loved everybody


  • Rededicate life to following Jesus

  • Commit to restore a relationship with:

    • Parent

  • Getting to learn about God.


  • Commit to follow Jesus for the first time

  • Rededicate your life to following Jesus

  • The passion for God and others


  • Commit to restore relationship with:

    • Parent

    • Friend


  • Commit to restore relationship with:

    • Relative

  • Grate worship and grate fun

  • You changed my life wen I most ly needed it


  • Rededicate life to following Jesus

  • It was so much fun

  • What would you change? Nothing. It was amazing


Shane went to India at the beginning of the year to follow up with Bro. Moses. He is a pastor we met years ago on a mission trip to India just before we left to go to Ukraine to live. We have remained in contact with him, and have sent support for ministry there from time to time each year. About two years ago, Indian Christians from his surrounding area suffered a very sad time of persecution by radical Hindus who came into their villages during the night with spears and other types of weapons. Sometimes hundreds of them would surround the villages and begin to vandalize and burn their homes and churches, and if the people were not able to run fast enough to the jungles, they also tortured and killed them as well. Many of the pastors of the surrounding areas were killed, and all of the homes and Christian churches or ministries (even orphanages) were destroyed as well. Shane and I were in contact with Bro. Moses during that time, and were praying with them, but really were at a loss of what to do. They had little protection from the government, and it was said to be in part because of the great floods they were experiencing at that time which drew the police away to help in other places. Christians were learning to thrive by using many different trades and trading techniques, so it is possible that there was a growing jealousy that stirred the people against them. In some parts of India, it is against the law for anyone to be evangelistic in their efforts to change a person's religion. For the most part, the people are Hindu.

While in India, Shane traveled with Moses to see the areas of destruction, and saw that many of the refugee camps are still operating because so many are left homeless and unable to return to the areas where they once lived. He was able to gather information about what the people needed the most, and learned that many were trying to rebuild their homes, but just needed help with supplies of food while they were working to rebuild since they could not work for food if they were consistently working on their homes. He was able to hold a large food distribution to those who were most in need, and after he returned home, Moses has continued this ministry in the areas in need as we are able to send support.

There was one large Christian building left standing during the time of persecution due to the fact that it was located near the area where the persecutors gathered, so they did not want to draw attention close to where they met. This building was built by a Christian group from Canada and was used at one time as a Bible Institute. Now they are housing orphans there. This is the place where Shane stayed, and is also the place where he will return with a group in May to hold a Youth Congress for younger teens to young adults from the Indian churches. Please pray for this group who will be traveling with Shane to minister to these young people. Moses is excited, and is busy planning on his side of the world. He writes to us almost daily, and keeps us posted on plans. They will have security provided, but there is always a possibility of a new uprising. Please keep them in your prayers.


Shane and I also traveled back to Ukraine in February. We were happy to see that those who were left behind have not stopped working, but instead, they have even begun to pick up new works. The city group had begun to meet together on Sunday night for worship, they had two classes of evangelistic type English groups, one of them had begun an extra day of fellowship/English class/Bible study at the orphanage in Belerechinka, and still another group had begun to go to a distant village orphanage every Sunday afternoon to teach the kids. The fellowship and spirit of the church was so sweet, and it was a pleasure to be with them. A young man named Max has begun a ministry of music with the group, and since he has started, even several of the young people are beginning to sing with him, and one young lady is even learning to play the keyboard. We have made plans to return to Ukraine for the whole month of June 2011 to do a type of week-long day-camp with one church group the first week, a mini-camp at the Belerechinka village where the orphanage is located, and a youth retreat camp at a small village near the city. We are hoping to spark an understanding and interest in summer work which is similar to VBS in America in hopes that this will be a work that can be continued each year by the Ukrainians themselves. Please pray for us as we prepare.

The following is a letter written by Shane just before leaving from Ukraine:

"I feel this has been one of the most productive trips we have ever taken. Hour for hour we have spent more quality time for the time here with our disciples than we have ever spent. Every day has been busy, with meetings in both groups and with individuals. We are saying our goodbyes here in Lugansk as we leave on the train tomorrow night. Lori will go with us and apply for an Indian Visa. She is planning to go there with us in May, and to teach one of the groups of young ladies. We have one packed schedule in Ukraine for the month of June. We will have our least meeting tomorrow with our team, trying to iron out details for June plans, but it is still too early to know all, and too late to wait longer. We will not be able to meet face to face until June. Meeting face to face to resolve problems is very necessary in this culture.

We sat in again tonight in the Ukrainian evolution of the Tuesday night prophet school I used to conduct. They have a round table discussion, and they are systematically studying the Bible book by book, verse by verse, without the aid of study helps or lesson guides. Believe me, they are learning, with big participation in the lessons. They were in 1 Corinthians 5 last week and 1 Corinthians 6 this week. There is plenty to be thought and said about these chapters, and they get into lively discussions. Some of the most involved Bible lessons/discussions I have ever sat in on. I admit that hearing things from their perspective makes me think of a lot of things I have never thought of before. The Russian Bible varies in a few places from time to time, which produces a little different thought. Tonight it varied by calling "fornication" a word that means--sex before marriage. Fornication is very general for sexual sin in our English Bible, but their Bible reads more specific. Russian Sasha is challenged regularly as he leads the discussion, and then they respond. It is sometimes funny, but very challenging. Honestly, all of their ideas are very good, and usually very sound, although I have never heard of things or thought of it like they do quite often. I must say, in the past six years, I have learned a lot from them. We sure do love them and miss them, but I feel that we are on the right track with what we are doing by going and coming at this present time.

Bro. Yuri Zazula has been trying to teach Hebrew language to four students on Tuesday nights, meeting in the back room of his church where we used to meet in Prophet's school, but he has had to cancel lessons due to his guys not showing up. However, our guys have been out with vigor in spite of severe cold with ice covered ground and a flu epidemic. I have been encouraged by their zeal. They are praying for a pastor, or better said, praying for a "leader." I wanted to recognize Andre as a type of leader while I was here this week, but he was absent Sunday and tonight with the flu. I feel he needs confirmation that we have confidence in him, recognizing him something like a

deacon, but I want to be careful with titles as I have seen many good men do well until they are titled, and then they kinda go into neutral, or become controlling.

Yuri Z. leaves the heat on in the church (our group still pays rent to the church for Tuesday nights), as necessary, in all buildings here, but even with the heat, you still wear your outer coat fully zipped and want more. It is just plain cold, even in the church house and in this apartment of Forrest. They said they had a mild winter until a few days before we arrived. It rained, and then a hard freeze followed with temps 7-8 below 0 F and highs 7-8 F--a real Siberian cold spell--but the little birds are singing, so spring must be near.

We were in Belerenchka orphanage today. Kids are few in school due to flu, but sweeter than a sack of sugar to teach. It is so fun to teach them when the groups are small and they are so attentive.

I talked to Alec last night. He is doing good. His parents are going to buy seeds this week. The kids returned to school--guess they were out for the Chinese New Year. Alec said he would probably leave today to go to Sheyang. He is also supposed to find out what he needs to do legally to go to Mongolia in August. He did not go the village church yesterday, but said he taught his internet group instead.

I close now…enough for today

Keep pressing on!

Bro. Shane"

In closing about Ukraine...We receive updates each week as the Ukrainian leadership is busy preparing for these events. I got tickled one day from a report that they were busy digging holes at the small village location where the youth retreat camp will be held. I asked Shane, "What in the world are they digging holes for?" I didn't think about what his response would be. He said, "It's for outhouses!" They were digging holes for pooping (ha-ha!). I am excited about one church in the city. The pastor has prepared for us to teach the first two days, and then their own church ladies will be taking over to finish the teaching the last three days. We thought the children from the Bele orphanage would be gone, but if what we hear is true, these children will be there during the camp in the Bele village, and the camp will be held at the orphanage.


Shane and I have been introduced to several camp/retreat/conference type facilities and ideas in the last few months without even seeking out these places. We are praying about how we should respond in serving in America in this type aspect. One thing is for sure, we were given a life lesson in camp ministry for the last few years in Ukraine after the big Ukrainian camp facility was practically laid at our feet. Please pray for us to follow as God leads in whatever ministry he has planned for our future in America or in places around the world.




JULY 21 - 25

1280 Okaloosa Rd just off Hwy 34 S near Eros La

Arrive at the Seeker Springs Encampment Thursday at 5 pm


You need to bring a sleeping bag or bedding, towel/wash cloth, toiletries, & a Bible

Suggested Donation per camper -- $ 125

Includes meals, snacks, drinks, lodging, and swim fees

Deadline to fill out registration forms is JUNE 30TH, but does not guarantee a spot -- First Come--First Serve Basis -- REGISTER EARLY FOR BEST CHANCE TO GET IN!

For information call or write Shane or Marilyn Duke at 318 649 7720 or e-mail

239 Duke Road, Columbia La. 71418


Shane will be going to Mongolia with Bro. Scotty McDowell in August, 2011. He and Bro. Scotty, along with Bro. Don Browning, did a pioneering work there for two years just before we left America to live in Ukraine, and Bro. Scotty and others have continued work there for the last few years.


Shane will be preaching revival at Trinity Baptist Church in Farmersville, Texas in September


Keep Pressing On!

Shane and Marilyn Duke

Crossover Ministries Associates

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