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December 2007 

   We have had a great time these past few days Wednesday morning we had a
service with The Peoples BC at 9:00 am all the schools in our area came
to the service many heard the gospel for the first time we had over 200
folks come to the special service brother Paul deem and direct line
ministries provided the word of God and also presents for the children.
we also were at MT Zion bc Wednesday night for a service. and Thursday
also at a combined service with calvary church and a new open air mission
church out of that church. here are a few pictures. we have 4 services
this Saturday and Sunday.

i will try to keep you up to date on all the services we have many more
churches to work with before Christmas, pray that all goes well, so far
we have not had a problem getting the presents in. even though there is a
double check point crossing into MX the first one is a customs check
point (got the green light so far except 1 and the lady looked under the
seat saw the presents and said go ahead. after that check point the MX
military have their own check point but they were busy searching other
vehicles when we past them.
so far so good.

until next update

the gilchrist



 1st quarter Jan - March 2005


1st John 5: 11 And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.

1 Juan 5:11 Y este es el testimonio: Que Dios nos ha dado vida eterna; y esta vida está en su Hijo.


At Bethel: Hello again from the border of Mexico / Texas we are praying all of you have had a good year so far. The Lord has been good to us. We are very thankful for all your prayers and support of the ministry it is a blessing to have you all behind us in the work of the Lord, may the Lord bless you all for all you do. We have been busy working at the church and working at Bethel things are going smooth for now, however We are dreading the summer heat that is on it’s way we are hitting close to the 90’s already. 

 All is well we had the R.V.I.C.S with us at they worked very hard getting some much needed work done at Bethel, with some painting, cleaning, and a few repairs electrical etc. it was a big help to have them with us for a month. Also we had Br. Van & Sis Shirley Sindelar they are a blessing to know and have as friends. Sister Carol is doing fine getting around pretty good except for a little pain in her knees from time to time, thank you all for all your prayers on our behalf; our prayers are with you all.


 The Peoples Baptist ch. The church is doing good we have had a few decisions for Christ in the past three months pray that they continue if the faith and don’t get side-tracked. We had the care group from Van and Shirley’s church to come all the way down form Minnesota to paint the inside of the church and to close in the Kitchen / fellowship building at the church it is good to have a place to cook that is not connected to the church. We are very grateful for the work they all did on the building and the painting of the inside of the church see pics below also we have the letters on the church thanks to sister Shirley and her experience in letter making. We feel so blessed to have gotten to know the care group and their willingness to serve the Lord. All hasn’t been good for us at the church Brother Rogelio died (the man with diabetes that just made a profession of faith a couple of months ago). He died at home with his family. Please keep his family in prayer; they are so distant from the Lord.

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