About Us

Our Vision

       We believe the following is what the Lord is showing us to do in Ukraine:

       First, we feel that God has shown us to keep a low profile, not actually “starting” churches ourselves, but starting as many Bible Study groups as possible in various areas, trusting that out of these groups, God will call and raise up leaders, teachers, and workers  to train.

       Second, Shane plans to spend time with these leaders,

teaching them the Bible, and ministry principles, mentoring them in the “Prophet’s School” approach as Elijah and Elisha, walking with them as example, and by doing ministry together, preparing them for future ministry, and encouraging them to assume and start Bible Study groups themselves that will lead to church starts.

       Third, although Marilyn will be kept busy with home-schooling our own children, we believe she will be able to give attention to the ladies, helping them to develop skills for teaching, church work, and children’s ministry.

       We believe it best, and would like to see the Ukranians do the actual church starts.  We will encourage and assist them in every way we can, trusting that God will give them faith, boldness, vision, and desire to carry out ministry to their own people. 

Our Trust

      We trust that God will give us favor with the Ukrainian government and leaders.

     We are serving as “dependant” missionaries, trusting that as the Lord has called us He will provide, and in no way have we deceived ourselves into thinking that we can do anything apart from God’s provision and the support  of the local church.

      We would be happy to answer any questions about ourselves or Crossover Ministries, and would be grateful for the opportunity to come and share our vision with your church.  Newsletters will gladly be sent to those who request them.



     Bro. Shane was born in 1966 and saved at ten years of age at Columbia Heights Baptist Church in Columbia, La.  He surrendered to the ministry of the gospel at age nineteen.  He and Marilyn were married in 1986 and have two children, Mary born in 1990 and Caleb born in 1993. He was ordained by Holum Bapist Church in Grayson, Louisiana, and he pastored Crossroads Baptist Church in Grayson from 1988 through 2004 and has been personally involved in mission service since 1987 when he took his first mission trip to the Jamaican mountains.  They have served in various aspects of ministry and missions including prison ministry, church planting and leadership training in several countries including the U.S., Philippines, Jamaica, Mexico, Mongolia, India, and Ukraine. 

      Crossover Ministries was organized by Shane and Marilyn in 1998 and is accountable to God and to the churches and individuals supporting the ministry.  The ministry is governed by a board of directors and has tax exempt status.


Our Mission

      Our mission is to present the gospel by every means available, whether we carry it ourselves or send it by others, to as many people as possible in every place of the earth so that souls will be saved, churches will be established, and believers will be strengthened in the faith of Jesus Christ so that every person may know the forgiveness of sins and have the full, abundant, and eternal life that only Jesus Christ gives.



We Believe:

       That the Bible is the complete, inerrant, inspired word of God. 2 Tim. 3:16

       That salvation is by grace, through faith, in Christ alone, and that God wills for all men to be saved (Eph. 2:4-8 & I Tim. 2:4).

                That men are drawn to Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit working through the conviction brought by the word of God (John 6:44 & Rom. 10:17).

                That the fruits of the Spirit reveal the salvation and presence of God in a person’s life, and that spiritual gifts are for the purpose of equipping a person to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ (Gal. 5:22-26 & I Cor. 12).


Making Disciples of Jesus Christ By:

1.  Preaching and Teaching the gospel wherever God will allow with the purpose of making converts and disciples.

2.  Training Teachers, Preachers, and Leaders who will faithfully spread the word and teach others to do so.

3.  Planting Churches around the world by sending and supporting associates, especially those who are indigenous to their area of ministry.

4.  Equipping associates with necessary tools so that they can effectively spread the gospel.

5.  Exhorting those who are tired, discouraged, wounded, and weary from the trials of ministry and battles with the wicked one and the disobedient.


We humbly ask that you will pray for us “that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel,” Acts 6:19.


Bro. Shane, Marilyn, Mary and Caleb are sent out of Cross Roads Baptist Church located in Grayson, La. where they pastored for over 17 years before being felt called to Ukraine


All gifts to Crossover Ministries are tax deductible

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